Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The pugs are, I mean, the car is, filthy

After our trip to the beach, I had to make an emergency stop at the carwash.

Because not only did I drive all through an unpaved beach parking lot, but the pugs then proceeded to fling about the car as much dust and sand as they could. 

at least Cleo has the decency to look ashamed

The pugs love the carwash.  Because the carwash loves them.  They each get a (giant) treat from the guy that checks us in.  Needless to say, the pugs get very excited about that.

Deedee is looking for her new BFF

Weirdly, the pugs are Totally Unfazed by the spraying, the scrubbing, and the blowing that goes on.  These are the same animals that'll bark at complete silence.

Sasha is upset that someone has missed a spot

even our pug-carriage has cleaning minions


  1. looks so cozy in there. did the pugs get a good scrubbing as well?

  2. LOL - our dogs are fascinated by the car wash too. Sadly there is nobody there to give them treats, though. Those are some lucky pugs!

  3. Maybe it reminds them of the groomers.

  4. I want to sit in the back seat with you 3 and snuggle up while your mama's car is being washed....

    Sammy and Neko's mama

  5. Hi sweeties!
    Your all so cute and brave going through that car wash!
    Believe me- I would be screaming!
    You all do a good job,,,, I am positive making sure that every spot is cleaned,, and then treats- well- treats rule!