Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The pugs' new sofa

Our new sofa finally was delivered this past weekend (just in time to watch the game that will never again be mentioned).  We were fussing with its position, trying to determine the absolute best place to achieve the maximum chi and TV-viewing angle.  Hadn't even yet tested it with our behinds before the pugs decided to christen it with theirs.

u guys r way too slow

We did choose the fabric knowing full well that the puglets would be the sofa's main occupants.  We brought home swatches of fabric and rubbed them all over the pugs' bodies to determine which one best repelled their incredibly tenacious fur.  I highly recommend this maneuver for all items to be brought home -- blankets, clothes, small children, etc.

we r glad u picked this color to best highlight our fur

Cleo found the sunniest spot on the sofa in which to rest.  Note her judicious use of the fuzzy comfy throw.

Deedee wasted absolutely no time in perching herself on top of the sofa back.  Again, as pug-loving suckers, I mean, parents, we designed the sofa so that the back would be wide enough for a pug butt.

u could've made this a leetle wider

Bonus: it's also in a sunny spot.

mama i am working on my tan


  1. That is fantabulous !! Looks like one of these TV set. It sure does highlight black puglets. By the way, who clean the couch? Human mama??
    Adorable trio. Great couch. Awwwww.

  2. Wow, that really DOES highlight your beyootiful furs. Definitely smart of the humans to start testing our furs on fabrics. Mom says she just gives up, since I am fawn and Kitty is mainly black. She can't win on an acceptable fabric that doesn't "show" so much fur (let's not kid ourselves, it is there but some fabrics show more of it than others). Pug tested, pug approved. Now you just have to decide what your favorite couch spots are. I'm thinking Deedee is the only one who will perch all the way up there..

    Coco (and Kitty)

  3. You girls really have your humans trained well. What a lovely couch they bought you!