Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chillin' in the shade

It was a hot weekend.  Even worse since central air conditioning is a rare commodity in these here parts.  

The puglets made do by staying cool in the shade.  And lounging on people furniture so as to not roast themselves on the sun-baked ground.  I don't think I need to mention that there were bonbons involved.

Cleo thinks it's time for another snack

Deedee's nose wrinkle is melting a little. She may need an ice cube, stat.

Sasha would like to know when nap time is.


  1. What great photos of the pugs! They each had their glamor moment.

  2. Loving these closeups ;)

  3. Look at these cute faces! Did the little faces get some kissys today? Oh i hope so! And I hope Dee Dee got her ice cube so her nose wrinkle does not melt!
    And Sasha I think nap time is up and its time for a treat!
    Cleo- did you get your snackie poo?

  4. Deedee has pawsome nose wrinkle.... so ocute~ Mama says she wants to snuggle and kiss kiss kiss you guys.