Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A very good guard pug

Way back in time, when we were deciding upon which breed of dog to rule over us adopt, we thought it would be nice to have a dog that could serve the dual purpose of companion AND protector.  Wouldn't it be great to have a great big dog to make us feel safe when walking along dark city streets? we said.

Well, clearly we went with the companion only option.  Although, every once in a while, Deedee will show us that she's not incapable of monitoring the situation for potential threats.

i got my eye on u yes i'm talking to u

Not sure what, if anything, is going to happen after the notification stage.  Pugs aren't exactly known for their ferocity.


  1. Too cute! Our little boston mix is the biggest guard dog of our three, and by far the smallest. Big things come in little packages sometimes. She sure looks fur-ocious!

  2. Oh come on Momma, Deedee could really do some damage :) We think that the notification stage is the most impawtent anyway. Now if the intruder tried to steal a bully out!


  3. Deedee, you are a good watch dog, maybe not the best guard dog tho.
    Pugs would say "Hey, you got food? I am your best friend, come on in."
    We sure would : )

  4. You should see her take on skateboarders!

  5. Dee Dee,,, we think you rock as a notification dog!

  6. deedee you are a watch and bark wonder!