Monday, June 4, 2012

em, Happy Birthday, Deedee!

We have officially gone three-for-three, in that we have completely forgotten the most recent birthdays of all 3 pugs.  Good thing they're dogs, and have no idea.

Little Deedee was 4 years old last month!  Still behaving as if she's a puppy, but thankfully no longer peeing like one.


  1. happy birthday little girl. your parents are horrible--good thing you don't know that.

  2. Oh sweet little Dee Dee
    Happy Birthday to you! I love your photo. Your wrinkles are the cutest ever!

  3. Oh what a sweet face ! Happy belated birthday, Dee Dee!
    According to rescue paperwork, my birthday is 5/24.
    Mama found out all pugs rescued from the same mill at same time has 5/24 as their birthday w/different years. So our humans decided to celebrate mine on my gatcha day. Aslong as I get extra treats, I don't care when I was born......??

  4. Awwwwww. Mama is seriously thinking about getting a black pug next - and boston terrior puppy - papa said "NO" : ( Happy Birthday, girl~ Stay cute forever~