Monday, June 11, 2012

Visit from the grampa

Or, should I say, the Big Piece of Food.  Because I'm pretty sure that the pugs believe he is just made of food.  Either that or he's really clumsy and drops a lot of treats.  There is ALWAYS a tasty something for a pug in the grampa's pocket.

Of course, they also love that he is an excellent napper.  What could be better for a pug, other than to nap with a giant piece of food?

It helps that he contorts his body for maximum pug comfort.

Cleo is surgically attached

Even Deedee will close her eyes, for once, not vigilant

Happiness is Sasha


  1. every pug loves a good snuggle grampa.

  2. OHHHHH look at those happy faces snuggling with the grampa.. and I think some of the best foods is found in pockets!

  3. Grampa is smart, he is wearing the clothes blends in with the pug fur !! All 3 girls looks so happy too : )