Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Post-vet napping

Well, after all that treat-vacuuming to be had at the vet's, the pugs were exhausted on the drive back home. Sasha in particular, who mind you was not actually examined and barely walked the 50 feet to and from the car to the office, was completely wiped.

my sleepy head is just too heavy to lift

Deedee was also exhausted, altho one could argue she had a right to be since she spent nearly 1 million calories fighting the eye examination with every fiber of her being.

no amount of treats will make me forget the trauma but u can certainly try

Wait, did Deedee develop a single, prematurely greying paw? No, that's Cleo's.

Cleo, like a good sister who just got stuffed full of vicarious treats, is offering up her arm as a snuggle pillow.

Cleo's arm wasn't good enough. Only her entire body would suffice.

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  1. heehee i was totally wondering what was wrong with deedee's paw. cleo's such a good comforting sister.