Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Working it at the Car Wash

The pug-transporting mobile was filthy. The pugs doth protested. So off to the car wash we went. Why didn't I wash it myself? BECAUSE THAT'S NOT WHAT I DO. anyhoo. The super nice guys at the car wash in our town know the girls and me (as the crazy lady), so all pugs got a treat when we checked in. And were rewarded with a surreptitious kiss during the preliminary rinse.

Deedee says - i love u. gimme more treats.

Cleo was not pleased. She kept trying to climb onto my lap for protection.

While waiting for the car to be dried and cleaned (of massive amounts of pug fur, ahem), Sasha committed herself to a thorough investigation of the area. Note the inquisitive snot on the nose.

Actually, there was a lot of pug investigation to be had.


  1. i love how the babies (except cleo) are looking around is amazement and wonder.

    oh sasha, always sticking our nose in it, eh?