Monday, October 25, 2010

Yet another visit to the vet

This time, it's just for Deedee. Back to the eye vet, to followup on the cloudiness that has developed on the puppy's eyeballs.

what kind of terrible situation is this?

Needless to say, she got stuffed with treats within an inch of her life. Thus making the vet's assistant, the puppy's fave person in the universe.

that big light-thingy in the corner must be a large treat dispenser

Sasha and Cleo, on the other hand, were just DELIGHTED to be there. At the vet's, with nary a hand laid upon them, and rewarded with treats nonetheless.

I think Cleo is starting to see the advantages of having a little sister.

take her! take her! not me!


  1. oh cleo--i love it when you're so happy. dd looks like a bobble head. she's adorable.

  2. that blue is a good backdrop for taking pictures of dee dee. she looks so perfect against it. her heads so big!

  3. that is an iconic shot of deedee. good thing i'm not there, or else she would become the victim of some very aggressive cuddling.