Thursday, December 30, 2010

All the pugs wanted for Christmas...

... was apparently gobs and gobs of gifts. Which was not our intention. In an effort not to be The Craziest Pug People in the Universe (just Pretty Damn Crazy), we restrain ourselves from actually wrapping gifts with the pugs' names on them. Instead, we hang stockings! (with their names on them) ooooh, we are so not crazy!

We also try to stick to puglet gifts that are small enough to fit inside. The super-posh, gourmet treats that their auntie sent from NYC, for example. Which I did not get a chance to photograph before getting decimated by ravenous pug jaws.

Or, chew toys. Behold, Cleo decimating a stuffingless raccoon (how apropos -- no stuffing for her to extract and eat and require surgery for, and we know we all hate raccoons).

and, chew bones. Behold, Deedee noshing on her latest acquisition.

Ok, so perhaps it looks like she is actually chomping down on a puglet butt (Sasha's).

Both Cleo and Deedee enjoying their Christmas morning.

Deedee is confused. She's thinking -- where o where is my butt toy?

And what of Sasha, you ask? Well, the nearly blind and deaf pug is, have I mentioned, also almost 100% toothless. It has been YEARS since that pug has deigned to gnaw on a plebian toy. But, wait! Has the Christmas spirit finally gotten hold of the aged pug? IS SHE CHEWING A BONE???!

Yes, she is! She's either finally gone completely demented, or, Ebenezer Scrooge save us, a little bit of her pug puppy has come waddling out for the holiday. She's even relaxed enough to allow Deedee to chew. next. to. her. On their giant, new, posh bed, by the way.

yes, I am aware that the pug bed violates the 'stocking-sized' rule. do note, also, that the people gifts under the tree are as of yet, unopened, in deference to the pugs' priority status.

All this Christmas activity is exhausting for a senior pug. Sasha takes a moment.


  1. The pugs always love Christmas.

  2. heehee it really does look like dd's noshing on sasha's rump. and what a great bed! that's so pretty!

  3. LOL- our dogs got to open their gifts first too! We didn't open ours until 10pm Christmas day.