Thursday, December 2, 2010

More action-shot Thanksgiving pics

The puglets got fully into the spirit of Thanksgiving. What better to be grateful for, other than numerous loving, comfortable laps from which to choose?

Bunni is helpless in the face of oncoming shnerglage.

em, Cleopatra. That's not really a lap. and that's definitely not lady-like.

Deedee prefers the foot-ular region rather than the lap, where she is subject to intense kissage.

Sasha is just melting.

Rikki prefers to look as patetique as possible so that someone will actually some over and create a lap for her.


  1. man, bunni's just got massive folds of wrinkles, doesn't she. oh cleo, so wanton.

  2. Wow! Rikki NAILED pathetique! Bra-VA Rikki!