Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stop! Thief!

What is with this pug and laundry? Bunni is able to ferret out the most secret spots for storing socks, bras, panties... VERY EMBARRASSING when the pug emerges from the bedroom, right in the middle of a dinner party, with a Personal Item in her mouth.

At the grandpugparents' house, there were more delectable things to be found. Let me just preface this tale by mentioning the full-size golf net in the basement for practicing tee shots indoors.

Bunni. What is that. What do you have in your mouth.

Is that a sock-y?

Ho, no. It appears to be a custom-fit leather golf glove, thoughtlessly set aside by the club-swinging grampa.

This'll learn the careless grampa. The moral of this story is: Never cast aside what you don't want covered with pug drool.


  1. Hahaha!!! The best was when Brigitte ran upstairs and grabbed a pair of Moms panties to present to a guest. Salinger is the king of the panty raid.

  2. she's a missile honing in on a target every time she goes there. and i think it's funny that someone inadvertently gated her in with the illicit goods.

  3. The gate was up to prevent them from going down. Clearly it didn't work.