Friday, July 29, 2011

Back to the dentist vet

This was just for a routine post-operative checkup for Deedee after having the majority of the teeth in her head removed. OK, it was just 6 of them, but it seemed like a really large number on the final bill.

i am toothless, mama

Deedee was unreasonably excited to be at the vet's. I think because after the eye vet visit, she now associates copious treats with going into buildings where there are dog smells. Once in the building, she stood at attention, like the good pug she is not, at the desk, waiting for her treat.

note the blur of her tail, bobbling away in anticipation

Once in the examining room, she was like a maelstrom of begging. That dentist vet didn't know what hit her -- Deedee pulled out the perfect sit, the big hungry eyes, and as a last resort, the gentle reminder paw on the face followed by a lick.

i am being so damn good

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  1. what a patient girl. she must think that treats fall out of the camera lens.