Monday, July 25, 2011

Off to the eye vet

So the other weekend we noticed that Sasha's left eye was half shut, runny and red. Thinking she may have gotten something in it, I took a closer look. Only to discover -- with a fair amount of vocalized horror -- that she had somehow managed to injure her eyeball and acquire a corneal ulcer the size of an asteroid crater. Luckily, this is not the first time Sasha has had one of these, so we knew what to do.

I called the eye vet to make sure we were doing the right thing, which was the Wrong Thing for me to do. Of course they INSISTED on seeing Sasha. I could've refused, but then I'm pretty sure that something to effect of 'terrible neglectful pug mama refuses treatment for poor invalid geriatric pug' would somehow get into our file. So off Sasha went. Deedee, too, because it was time for her checkup.

hm. they look more than a little horrified.

Good news -- Sasha's corneal ulcer had healed. Bad news -- she now has small cataracts in both eyes. And apparently it's too dangerous to operate because of the lack of visibility imposed by her pigmentary keratitis. Poor blind and blinder pug.

don't worry mama. i will use my sense of touch instead -- with my face.

I will just note here how deliriously happy Deedee is at the eye vet's. The puglet that cannot string together the 2 events -- 'Come' and the subsequent treat -- somehow manages to remember the treats given after an eye exam she has approximately once a year.

gimme 'nother treat. i know u have more.


  1. Poor Sasha!
    I love your harnesses- what kind are they?

  2. oh my baby girl!!!! sasha is such a trooper. deedee is relentless, isn't she.

  3. we got their harness at this great place in greenwich village in manhattan