Monday, November 7, 2011

Annual visit to the vet

Oh, wait. These pugs visit the vet far more often than once a year. No matter. The 3 girls were due for their 'annual' checkup.

u said there would be treats

This checkup is comprised of:
- heartworm tests -- all negative, thank you (altho WHY 3 incredibly spoiled and sheltered animals would have heartworm is beyond me)
- DHLPP titers -- no annual vaccines for us. NO, we LIKE to spend as MUCH $ as possible checking antibody levels in order to avoid over-vaccination. But it also turns out that geriatric pugs don't need DHLPP more than every 3 years. Good news for Miss Sasha.

thank goodness, mama. i was alarmed.

-blood tests for gerry-pug Sasha -- her kidney and liver appear to functioning perfectly

why do i need more needles than the other 2?

Our astute vet discovered another lump on Cleo's left forearm. It was aspirated. And.... it's another STINKIN' SUNOFFA mast cell tumor. Luckily it appears to be very low-grade, but I don't think I need to explain how disheartening it is that Miss Cleo has another tumor so shortly after her surgery. Our vet thinks it can be treated with a steroid injection, so fingers crossed, no more surgery in the immediate future.

this does not bode well for Miss Lumpy

Deedee was just delighted to be there at the vet's, showered with attention and love. As a matter of fact, if more than 5 seconds passed without getting any love her way, she would get pretty vocal about it. Nothing more humiliating than a loudly yarping pug while trying to have a professional discussion with one's vet.

i am sitting PRETTY demmit gimme a treat


  1. they look like perfect little girls to me. oh cleo--i'm sorry about the little lump, hopefully the steroids will work. i know you've always wanted to take controlled substances, and now here's your excuse.

  2. Gosh
    Were hoping the steroid shot works too.
    Now everyone has had all their check ups and on to better things! Right?

  3. They are so photogenic!

  4. Cleo, what the heck? You poor pug. You'll be shaved again at this rate. You are still adorable though. I'm liking the no vaccinations deal you have going on. How do I sign up for that?? Some of them make me sick and it sucks big time.