Thursday, November 3, 2011

The many sleeping faces of Deedee

Before we adopted our 1st pug, Sasha, we had read something to the effect of 'Pugs sleep 18-20 hours a day'. That's ridiculous, we said. No living being can sleep that much, we said.

i am sleepy. and a little miffed that u don't believe i can sleep that much per day.

To be honest, we were probably a little more than envious. Oh to be a pug.

cast ur eyes and weep


  1. i will not doubt the mighty sleeping pug ever again.

  2. We always wondered what the dogs did while we were at work. The few days I've been home sick or working from home, I have realized that pretty much they sleep most of the day. They'll get up every now and again for play sessions, and then konk- out they go. 10am seems to be the first sleeping period - even on the weekends, they are out like a light starting at 10. I'm so jealous of them.

  3. I like sleeping too, naps and more naps.
    Your mighty cute in your dream land