Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The best-laid plans

The pugs got a new bed. To replace the nasty one that's been chewed/peed on/pooped on/washed so many times the filling is clumped up into giant balls of cement. OH WAIT I already did that. That turned out well. The pugs will only sleep in the Very Expensive Bed if there is absolutely nothing else to sleep on, and that includes discarded piles of underwear.

This bed was actually obtained with the intention of having a Back-up Bed. It was not at all meant to be a Primary Bed.

The pugs had other intentions. Within seconds of pulling the bargain bed out of the box, the pugs were on it like flies to dead people.

Little runts even positioned themselves so that each could enjoy maximum snugglage. I will mention here that the pugs actually LEFT their other (fabulous) bed in order to camp out on this ultra-cheap one.

I may as well have saved myself the effort and just thrown down a piece of used tarp.

Look. Deedee and Cleo are mocking me.


  1. the pugs know a good bargain when they lay on one.

  2. Well, on the upside, your pups aren't high maintenance... and I guess there's something to be said for that! You never know though, they could grow to like the Very Expensive Bed one day... fingers crossed! Best wishes to you all!


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  3. They're wondering why you didn't just spend the money on treats?!

  4. That must be a black pug thing. I have bought Isabelle, my senior with arthritis, a bed with the special foam and a bed with a heat pad. Does she use them? Only if there are no other beds available. Her favorite is the the tiny one with a beat down cushion that she can barely fit into. At least the cats enjoy the heated bed.