Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cleo is back at the vet

This time, just for a checkup. Turns out I've been negligent and have not taken her back for her annual dermatology checkup in over 2 years. oops. 

Cleo has serious allergies, which the fabulous vets at UC Davis have treated successfully with diet and flea medicine modification. She's on a kangaroo-oatmeal diet (no more homemade food for the pug), and on a daily flea medicine called Capstar. 

Why go into this? because Capstar in the past year has, through some fancy patent footwork, gotten super-greedy, thus skyrocketing the cost of a single pill from less than $1 to over $3. Totally ridiculous! I said. I'm switching to a cheaper flea med! I said. well, that was a big mistake. Poor pug broke out in a terrible itchy rash, and now she's back on Capstar. Teach me to try and save a buck. or two. or a few hundred. 

mama. u cheaped out on me.

Of course, I had to bring all 3, because when I tried to sneak out of the house with just Cleo, Deedee and Sasha put up some serious wailing and caterwauling.  

my fans would've missed me

 All three were totally focused on any treats that were coming their way.  Luckily for them there were a lot of them.  UC Davis is definitely on the short list for these pugs.

is that the door? is that a treat?


  1. the girls got to take a roadtrip! and poor cleo, the victim of her mom's scroogeness.

  2. The best thing about the vets office is the treats! Right?

  3. You 3 girlz look like you own the place in the last picture!!
    Hey, every single penny counts now a days... at least your mama tried.

    Have a great day.