Friday, February 3, 2012

Off to chase the snow

Because of the ridiculously temperate winter we've been having, snowfall in Tahoe has been few and far between. So when the weather forecast finally called for snow, we were off to the mountains! Let it SNOW!!

The pugs have decidedly and wildly different feelings about the white stuff. Fairly characteristically, the puppy Deedee loves it -- romping around in it, getting snow all over herself...

... running in circles through snowdrifts...

i am free! running thru der schnee!

... and peeping in it.

Sasha approaches snow from an investigative angle. She likes to explore its many culinary offerings.

Sasha actually ate quite a bit of it.

this is just delicious

I don't think anyone will be surprised to hear that Cleo hates the snow. As soon as she knows we're going outside, she starts shivering melodramatically. She won't do her business until I've cleared off a wide swath of snow-free ground. And she certainly is not up for walking in it. Look at this pug, huddled up in the one square foot of ground not covered with snow.

it burns us


  1. deedee caught in the act! how funny. oh poor cleo!

  2. LOL - my littlest pup HATES the cold. He'll start shivering the second we approach the front door, but then he goes outside- walks through the deepest pile of snow he can find (shivering all the while) and eats it non stop. Not the brightest bulb in the pack, that one.

  3. Oh your posty was so fun- you made us smiles!
    All the puggys and their different personalitys!
    I think it was so funny that DeeDee- charges around like a little bunny rabbit in the snow!

  4. These are awesome pics!! Where did you get those sweaters? They look comfy.


    1. I got them in a cute little store called 3 dog bakery, in kansas city. I believe it's a chain -- check it out, they have awesome treats!