Monday, February 6, 2012

Watching TV with the dada

Football season is a great opportunity for the puglets to get in some quality pug dada time. Normally the dada is not one for massive long-term shnerglage. So when the game is on, and he becomes an immobile lump of potato-chip-eating, beer-drinking example of humanity, the pugs gravitate towards what they know will be a guaranteed lap for hours.

Sasha treasures this quality time with her favorite human.

i am crushed by pug but still happy

Cleo appreciates there is less wild screaming on that side of the couch, than what is exhibited by the mama.

Look at this pug, looking at her dada adoringly.

Deedee snuggles for a bit and then goes off for Private Pug Time.

she has her toy for company


  1. Oh, Deedee, I was just like you yesterday, enuff football. Especially we all wanted NE to win, oh well... Neko stayed with papa entire game, silly boy....


  2. does one of those pugs come with a side of wings?

  3. Hi new furiends! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    Yes, we are die hard New England sports fanatics at my house......even though we moved to FL six years ago, our heart is in Boston! After all, I am named Bruschi, after Tedy Bruschi!!
    You are some CUTE puggies!!!! My rescue sister Ebby is half pug.....the rest of her, is a mixture of other things, but we love her that way. She has become a Boston fan too! BOL!

  4. Too cute! Lucy and Gus LOOOOOVE snuggling with their dada, but Bugsy much prefers mama snugglage. Gus will pretty much go to anyone, but I think he gets really excited when the dada let's him snuggle, so he takes full advantage.

  5. Love that shot of Cleo gazing at her Dad. DeeDee looks like she is smiling in the last shot. We got comfy on the couch during the game last night too.mthere was a lot of yelling in our place too!

    1. oh, there was yelling here. was there a lot of crying, too, wilma? because there was a lot of crying in this house.

  6. oh gosh- you puggys are so cute! And you make us smile when ever we visit you!

  7. Awww..adorbs. Daddy's are good for gazing at and for dropping food. Just saying.