Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who's been sleeping in my spot?

Normally, Sasha is the one I find snoozing in a sunny spot on the rug.  Imagine my surprise when I walked into the room to see this:

Cleo and Deedee

Where is the geriatric pug, anyway.

move. ur in my spot.

Sasha.  Don't disturb your sleeping sisters.  

i'm not disturbing them. i'm MOVING them.

Cleo and Deedee prevailed.  The sunny spot remains theirs.

mama it's getting too noisy in here to sleep


  1. Oh, Sasha... the sunshine is for everyone. These girls look so annoyed when you tried to move 'em. Where did you sleep once you noticed your mama won't let you move your sisters??

    Who is the diva of the house???

    1. Sasha is the true pug diva in our house. lucky pug ended up on my lap with a face stuffed full of carrot treats after those pictures :)

  2. dem younger pugs have no manners these days--not giving up their spot for a senior!

  3. Your cute little faces sure do tell a story! Gee- you need more sun spots it looks like to me! Doesn't that sun feel soooo good on your shoulders?
    Your little mouths are sooo cute!