Friday, March 23, 2012

'Walking' with the pugs

So, it's a beautiful day -- the sun is out, the gale-force winds are not blowing, and the ground is not soggy.  'DO YOU WANT TO GO FOR A WALK??!!!'  Lots of pug noise, yarping and excitement ensued.  So we leash up, and we're on our way.

This is how the walk starts out.  Cleo and Deedee looking like 2 little angels.  Actually, both of them have just done their business and are looking for a handout.

mama. it was a v impressive peep. gimme something.

Sasha takes advantage of the lack of rain to thoroughly investigate every square inch of ground on which to place her precious few drops of urine.

it has to be perfect

The 'walk' then slowly starts to fall apart.  First the geriatric pug puts on the brakes and lets it be known that it is time for her to ride the pug-carriage.

shouldn't there be a blanket in here? where r my grapes?

Then the other elder pug comes to a screeching halt and looks pleadingly at the jogger.  Which leaves just Deedee to keep me company on the actual ground.

u thought u got stares with 1 pug in here, just wait'll u see what u get with 2, mama


  1. cleo wants to be a cinderella as well! perhaps deedee should pull the carriage and work off some of that persistent puppy energy.

  2. LOL- Walks in our house are a joke. It's more like being stuck in rush hour traffic. Stop and go, heavy on the stop.

  3. Ha! Typical pug-ness right there. Of course the pricesses want to ride instead of walk. I love how Sasha just puts her foot down amlost immediately about walking. And yes, it does take quite a bit of time to find the pawfect spot. Mom says it takes me about 45.7 minutes, plus multiple bouts of circling only to hop-scotch to the other side of the yard where I began, then possibly a fake squat or two and THEN, maybe, I will go. Oh, and then Kitty just HAS to pee on top of it.

  4. Look at their eyes! 2 pugs in the carraige :D ! Everyone's excited about the arrival of spring. I know all about peeing perfectly.

    I am the boss!!


  5. Oh what a sweet momma you have to have that mobil all ready for you! Of course you want to ride- its comfy and you deserve the best- sweety pies.!
    Oh look at your sweet voices!

  6. Heheh, your house is exactly like mine, only in black!