Monday, March 5, 2012

Chasing winter

Since it's over 70 degrees and sunny at home, we took the pugs to the mountains to get in some playtime in the snow.

The last storm was reported to have deposited 4-5 feet! No pug is going to be swimming around in all that snow, so there was a lot of shoveling involved at potty time.

those are some serious icicles

The pugs were seriously unhappy about having to do their business in the snow.  Even happy-go-lucky Deedee withheld for 14 hours because she couldn't find the right spot.

u cannot expect me to peep on this


  1. I love that last photo, and the caption made me laugh like a fool for at least a minute! Thanks for making my day!

  2. Well... the white stuff really makes black fur look fantabulous.
    Looking good, girl~


  3. Oh goooshes! But the snow is sooooo cold,. but beautiful my friends!
    Now run inside and sit by the fire!

  4. the things your parents do for you...shoveling out a patch for your potty needs...

  5. Snow is for eating, not for doing your business! Don't the humans know you don't potty where you eat!

    Maddy & Owen

  6. Um..heck to the No would we go in the snow either. Way to stick to your guns Deedee. I mean, that white stuff is cold and wet. Are you kidding me? Butt your 'rents did shovel out a place for you so perhaps the 14 hours (bahaha, such a pug thing to do) was a bit excessive. Brrr!