Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lounging around

While there was plenty of opportunity for playing in the snow, 

it's not just bad photography, but truly almost negative visibility

... the pugs would have none of it.

we r sleeping and can't hear u

As mentioned previously, it's hard enough to get the puglets to do their business in the white stuff.  Never mind actually play in it.

if it tasted better that would be another story

Miss Cleo does not like precipitation of any variety.  Perhaps that's why she's perched on top of the sofa, as far as she can get from the ground. 

Cleo? would you like to go outside??

u have got to be kidding. i am a pug, not a polar bear.


  1. they are hibernating--do not disturb!

  2. LOL! Our dogs love playing in the snow, so long as it's not blowing. Then it's out and back in as soon as canine-ingly possible!

  3. Girlz, hydernate quick!! We hate white stuff and icy stuff, but mama toss us out the pario door to do our business outside regardless of the temp.... when whid chill is - 20 or worse, it actually hurts.
    So we sometimes pretend we did our biz out there, but go on a carpet when humans are not paying attention to us. They get mad, but once we look them up very cute and innocent, they forgive us right away... suckers....

    Stay warm!!

  4. But that white stuff is sooooo cold on the footies! Who likes to get their footies wet? I understand ! Yes, I do!