Friday, May 11, 2012

Little princess

I came home the other day to an unusually quiet pug greeting.  Normally I have 2 to 3 pugs flinging their little watermelon bodies at me for attention.  That day, I was merely sniffed by an uber-cool Sasha.  This does sometimes happen when the pugs have had a lot of activity earlier in the day, say, perhaps barking all stinkin' day at the villains lurking about our house.  

So I was a little trepidatious (thank you, Little Mermaid) when I entered the living room.  I fully expected to see prostrate pugs with flecks of dried foam about their mouths, with a blinking answering machine full of messages from irate neighbors in the background.

i am way too comfortable to sit up, mama

Apparently, someone thought Cleo looked a little cold.  and perhaps a bit sad.  So the pug got covered up with a blanket.  And it appears that Cleo had been in that exact position for a number of hours. 

I guess Deedee didn't make it to the bed in time to get tucked in.


  1. hahahahaha~ lazy pugs, gotta love 'em. Brown and Black fur look pretty good together. I want to pinch their cheeks and kiss them to death. Pug lips : )
    Have a great weekend, girls.

  2. Some puggies just needed to catch up on their sleepy time naps! Beauty sleep as they say!

  3. Too cozy to be moved.wish I were there with you, pugs