Monday, October 23, 2006

Curious Sasha

On our walk this past weekend, we decided to try hiking with the pugs off leash. Cleo behaved beautifully -- trotting obediently behind us the whole time. Sasha, on the other hand, would get wildly distracted by some fascinating smell on the side of the path, get wholly absorbed, and lag behind. Each time she felt the need to peep and mark her territory.

When she finally looked up, we could actually see the look of panic -- they're gone. they've left me. i'm all alone. But, by the end of the walk, Sasha was pretty confident there wasn't going to be any abandonment, and began to be more independent. As in, more runty. Cleo also clued in, and you could tell she was torn between hanging with the rebel Sasha or being a good heeling pug.

Look at the indecision in that one raised paw.


  1. That picture is indecent. Poor Sasha and her privacy.

  2. That pose is typical of Cleo. Sasha always tends to be independent once she is outside of the house.

  3. her privacy? do you have any idea how much time sasha spent in this position. this pic was unavoidable.