Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hiking with friends

We had friends over this weekend, and we took them to the same trail area again with the girls. It was a cooler day so there was less panting, wheezing and complaining in general. They're becoming robust outdoor pugs.

Sasha was feeling so good she would linger at really interesting smelling spots until we were well out of sight. Dave had to go back and retrieve her multiple times until I threatened her with the leash (no! not the leash). We finally turned around when we came to a pretty steep grade. Although Cleo nimbly climbed up to the top, Sasha just sat down and looked at me, super-harumph . She forgave me in the car. I think she was too sleepy to stay mad.

It's impossible to know what Cleo was thinking here.

And Cleo was pretty sleepy afterwards, too. Sleepy enough to snuggle with someone other than us.


  1. The pugs are becoming so sporty! Although look, Sasha's tail is already drooping in the first picture. I hope they had a good nap.

  2. They are truly hiking dogs, now. Cleo looks to be bigger than Sasha. I miss them. They are super good looking well behaved doggies.

  3. cleo says "a-choo"!