Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Dave took the pugs to a local Halloween pugfest this past weekend while I was in NYC, called Pug-O-Ween. hee hee. Only crazy pug owners would think of something like that. There was a parade and costume contest, with proceeds benefitting the local pug rescue group. Dave dressed up Sasha as Santa, and Cleo as a reindeer (pic courtesy of novato pug group)

The winning pug was a fireman. Dave took a lot of other pics of hilariously dressed-up pugs. It looks like some people really went all out for costumes, unlike the cut up piece of laundry Dave used for Sasha's beard.


  1. To me, Sasha and Cleo are the winners!

  2. I love the little girl in her turquoise outfit!!
    Wish I'd been able to come

  3. sasha and cleo win for the contest's "most obviously home-made" prize.

  4. seriously, that thing under sasha's chin is so ghetto. but it's hilarious and i love it.