Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday hike

We took the pugs for a nice long walk on Saturday morning. There's a mess of trails literally up the street we were alerted to by a fellow pug owner in the neighborhood, and they're all dog friendly. Sashacleo had the best time.

Cleo was just delighted to be outside, as usual.

We had to make a few pit stops for thirsty pugs. We knew that when the loud pug panting turned into wheezing, we should stop and hydrate.

Sasha was convinced we were hiding more than water in our pack.


  1. Sasha looks so athletic, like dashing for the goal. She always wants to make sure she is not missing anything. Cleo is looking better everyday. They are so good each other like sonia and mina.

  2. I'm tickled the girls got all dressed up for their hike. I guess when Sasha gets thirsty, even she forgets to pose for the camera.

  3. great action shot of sasha running! it actually succeeds in making it look like sasha moves at a faster pace than the leisurely one she uses to get from one end of the couch to the other.