Friday, January 5, 2007

Airplane pugs

After experimenting over Thanksgiving with the effective dosage for maximum knock-outage for the pugs we realized -- Cleo is mutantly resistant to drugs, and Sasha has the tolerance of my mom (veeeerrrry low). So we decided to not give them any sedative at all, and see how it went.

Sasha was Alert, but behaved beautifully in the plane. and then made a wild break for it while we were in baggage claim, resulting in my chasing down Naked Pug into some random personnel office.

Cleo made it known that she would rather be out of the carrier than in.

She was actually better-behaved in the carrier than Sasha. The Evil Flight Attendant from Hell made us zip up the baby pugs completely. You can just make out Cleo's smooshed muzzle against the carrier flap.

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