Monday, January 22, 2007

Muir Beach

This past weekend was gorgeous. We woke up Sunday to almost 70 degree weather, and decided to take advantage of the sun, so we drove the 4 miles to Muir Beach.

Of course, the girls came along. The pugs were excited to romp around.

Strangely, Sasha had no hangups about walking in the sand. Cleo had a great time, playing with me in the waves. Neither of them seemed to mind the ice-cold water. Neither of them seemed to even notice all the other dogs frolicking around them.

It was a little windy near the water. I think the princesses liked the feeling of the ocean breeze on their flat little faces. Maybe Sasha thought she was flying.

They were exhausted after our outing. The puglets slept in the car on the way home.


  1. the pugs with the salt air. they're so cute. did I mention how cute they are?

  2. Little ones are exposed to a lot of things. They are very experienced doggies. Cleo still needs Sasha to lean on.

  3. sasha's practically airborne! fitting for the celestial creature that she considers herself to be (and rightly so).