Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winter fashion

The freakish weather is now a little more consistently chilly. Poor princess pugs are practically freezing to death. Must cover up in fluffy pink cashmere.

Must also take overly-dramatic shots of Sasha.

This was my trying to shove the fat pug into the sweater in the first place. Can you just hear the snorting and the grunting (not the pug's, but mine).

These sweaters, again, are from my fave boutique in Greenwich Village. Note the cabled finish to the back of Sasha's sweater. And the perfect fit of Cleo's.


  1. These babies are adorable. They look very color coordinated, black and pink.

  2. vogue-worthy pugs! i would say all they need is a little bling, but that might interfere with their chic but minimalist approach.

  3. They look great. pugs in sweaters. the new rage.