Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cafe princesses

The pugs came along to breakfast at Emporio Rulli in Larkspur. The cafe has an alcove just outside the doors where one can sit, out of the direct flow of sidewalk traffic. Pets aren't technically allowed in the alcove, so I perched the girls on the ledge.

This, fortunately or unfortunately, gave them Unimpeded Access to the table and its delectable contents. It was a little bit of a struggle to keep the pugs from wandering directly onto the table top.

They watched us quite intently while we enjoyed Rulli's most delicious pastries.

They were being so good. Such patient little pugs. They may have gotten a little bit of glazed brioche as a reward.


  1. They are so cute. I didn't realize that Cleo has such a long tongue. They have a collection of wardrobes matching Imelda Marco's shoes collection. Their mom has a serious problem.

  2. don't they look fine in their pink sweaters. pugs of leisure they are, dressed to the nines for their little spot of tea and pastry at an italian cafe. cleo's tongue is a bit unceremoniously scavenging any remaining crumbs.

  3. notice how sasha is getting all "flashdance" on us in the first picture? she's trying to personalize the pink sweater look to her mod tastes.