Thursday, December 9, 2010

Speaking of crazy pug habits...

I think these New York pugs are exposed to too much soot. They behave quite erratically. We've already witnessed Bunni's odd obsession with small items. Rikki, it appears, was not spared from eating the crazy cake.

Rikki's odd compulsion? Toys. What, you say, nothing wrong with a dog that likes her toys. No. THIS pug likes her toys, not for chewing, or chasing or even for nestling sleepily with by the fire. No way. This ridiculous puglet likes to just hold her toys, quite firmly in her mouth, while sleeping.

Needless to say, her toys are quite disgusting.


  1. Must be an east coast thing. Sluggo is the same way.

  2. it's horrifying. i wrench it from her teeth when i see her, and she just looks at me puzzled, and picks up the slobbery toy again.

  3. One of my pugs does that as well. When she came to us from Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue she had a frog that she keeps in her mouth when she sleeps.