Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yet another vet visit

This time, it's a re-check for both Deedee and Sasha. Both of them have pigmentary keratitis, and while Sasha is status quo if not better, little Deedee is having a re-check to see if the upped dose of her eye meds has helped any.

Sasha wonders if there's a treat involved for an improved eye exam

Did I mention that a little bottle of the eye drops they're getting twice daily, which lasts us appoximately one month each, are almost $40? That doesn't even include the cost of the actual vet visit.

Deedee is horrified but would still like a treat, please

My kingdom for some doggie health insurance. OH WAIT. They do have insurance, but the damn insurance people claim that pigmentary keratitis is a congenital condition for the pug breed, and won't pay up. Well, if it's so congenital, how come Cleo doesn't have it?

don't hate me because i'm beautiful

All in all the visit was a roaring success. The vet tech was one of their faves, in that she stuffs them liberally with treats.

exsqueeze us? may we have some more treats, please?

This is Cleo running away from any potential vet exam. Don't worry little girl, for once you are not the target.

Happy little girls.


  1. It is nice to know all our financial support is allowing them to upgrade their office.

  2. i love cleo with paw lifted midway, making a quick escape. they all look so adorable and hopeful for a treat.