Monday, February 28, 2011

New place to lounge

Somepug has found a super comfy resting spot. Wherever could it be?

Remember those great carpeted stair covers that the pugs' grampa sent, so that miss a-feared Deedee could rev up the courage to actually climb the stairs? Well, Deedee is not the only puglet who's taken to them like flies to a banana cream pie.

It will forever be a mystery as to why she prefers that particular step.

i will not be mocked, mama -- this provides just the right amount of cushion and support for my aging bones


  1. I firmly believe that all dogs, and cats for that matter, have a sixth sense for finding the most inconvenient/trip-the-human prone spots, and planting themselves there. Every time I try to move there is a dog standing right in front/behind me, refusing to move out of my way. They're trying to kill me I think.

  2. she is such a regal pug. she's found her throne. at long last.