Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Beach Day of the year!

As I have alluded to previously, the puglets love the beach. And not just a little. Miss Sasha Geezerpug will usually shed approximately 7.8 years off of her life and miraculously develop plushy joint cartilage so that she can frolic freely in the sand.

Or in the water.

Le Grande Dame is, uncharacteristically, completely blase about where her frolicking is done.

Cleo, on the other hand, likes to keep a very cautious distance from the water.

Because it's about -1000 degrees in temperature, and it is, well, wet.

She does, however, LUUUUUVVV snuggling with her human on the blanket.

happy panting pug

Deedee was either thrilled to be reunited with the surf, or just stir-crazy after being cooped up during all the rain we had. As soon as her little paws hit the sand, she started sprinting. Except that didn't work out quite the way she had hoped a la Lassie, since she was still firmly attached to her leash, and thus, me. I will say this -- Santa should think about employing some pug puppies for speed.

Deedee lost no time in making new friends.

All that cavorting around makes for a tired puglet. Where better to nap than on the sun-warmed sand?


  1. You girls really know how to have fun! I am glad you finally got to get your beach on.
    That's funny that you call Dee Dee the "oops" pug. Mom and Dad call Sluggo their "unplanned pug".
    I will have Mom put your names on the Sunflower roster as soon as she goes on the regular computer(not the iPad) These humans with their thumbs, you really have to stay on top of them!

  2. seeing sasha so happy warms my heart. deedee is truly an "oops" pug.