Friday, April 1, 2011

Miss Jekyll and Hyde

When Deedee is good, she is very verrry good. as in sweet and sleepy and snugglable and sooooo puppy.

mama i can see u torturing me with the flash

And then, when she's excited, feeling spunky, or just awake, she's like a pug possessed.

give me my dinner NOW!


  1. Go Didi, go Didi, go Didi, go Didi!!!

  2. He he! Our little guy is the same way. One second he's running on high speed, the next he's passed out. Then in an instant he's back into high gear. I wish I had that kind of energy.

  3. Oh my. Must be a black pug thing, because that looks and sounds EXACTLY like my little diva boy Klaus.