Saturday, April 2, 2011

A good sleeping spot

It's amazing that a 99.99999999% deaf pug is able to SENSE when there is a comfortable sleeping spot. In Sasha's case, her fave spot is the knee nook.

She can sense a knee nook develop from a whole house away, and come running to fill it.

this is a most excellent knee nook, mama

Wait a minute. What is this?? An interloper!

i am outraged

Although Deedee doesn't really have a favorite spot. It's just usually wherever the other pugs are. Or.... on her dad's neck.

hold still, dada, i am making ur carotid a comfortable nook for me

i said, hold still

i am much more soothed by the pulsing of your carotid underneath my paw


  1. to each pug her own nook. just look at that sleepy deedee face.

  2. Our little guy used to love sleeping on necks. Lately he's into laps, and if you're ever kneeling on the floor, he'll plop himself down between your legs and booty. Like he WANTS to be sat on.

  3. You gotta love a good knee nook!! Kitty and Coco have designated spots. Kitty in the nook, and coco snuggled on my belly.

    Kitty and Coco