Thursday, April 28, 2011

Partners in Crime

Either our pugs are the most accepting of all animals, or their survival instincts have been suppressed to the point where, instead of competing with each other for food, they collaborate in wholesale begging.

Cleo and Rikki don't know to whom they should look for free handouts.

why r ur hands empty, auntie?

Cleo wonders if perhaps a stray morsel has fallen onto the table. easily accessed, by the way, due to her pole position on her uncle's lap.

it smells like food

The pugs wait patiently. They know, from experience, that if they look pathetic enough for long enough, they will be fed.

feed us now! dammit!


  1. I give you a 10 for style. I mean, really, it is like taking candy from a baby with your cute pug mugs.

    Kitty and Coco

  2. rikki appears to be half-hearted about this whole endeavor, evidenced by her dozing on the job in that last picture.