Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh, wait, did you think the vet visits were done?

So, to continue the chronicling of my incredibly fun day carting a puglet around for her (v expensive) medical needs...

Deedee needed a re-check of her thyroid hormone levels after being on medication for hypothyroidism. Apparently, her thyroid gland just decided to up and poop out, which we noticed by her uncharacteristic lethargy

redonkulous hair loss (I think her groomer thought we were waxing her chest)

flaky skin rash and fur color change.

look at this pug. she's brown, not black.

Once on replacement thyroid hormone, however, the puppy has regained her inky black silky coat and OH THANK GOODNESS her frenetic rabbit-like energy. It just requires a couple of blood draws to make sure the pug is getting the correct dose.

Deedee L-O-V-E-S our vet. She loves the office, she loves the people, she loves the building, the parking lot, the grassy patch next to the parking lot.... She literally DRAGGED me into the door, and leapt into the first person's arms. Too bad that 1st person happened to be another client, who happened to be a cat person, but whatev.

if i don't get more treats, i will... i will.... i will look EXTRA cute

During our wait, Deedee had a parade of fans visit her for some luvin'. and some munchin'. rewarded with lots of lickin'. She then even managed to behave for the exam.

this good behavior better be worth it

Good news -- Deedee is euthyroid! which means that we keep her on the same dose of thyroid hormone for the rest of her life, she keeps her hair and boundless energy, and I and the geriatric pugs get to sleep less.

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  1. oh my gosh she's just a little bundle. and she looks so much more alert these days!