Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pug torpor

Sometimes, there is nothing better than taking a nap outside. Something about the perfect temperature, the slight breeze.... the plethora of sleepy, dead-weight pug. One is never without a sleeping companion in this house. or three.

Deedee is almost is buried-head node. note the daintily-crossed hind paws.

Cleo, as always, likes to be awake for maximum enjoyment of nappage.

I think Sasha may be in a coma.


  1. Oh I just love a good pug coma-nap. I bet Deedee is dreaming of the Tooth Fairy bringing her like 87 tons of treats for her missing grill.


  2. deedee appears to have lost her face.

    kitty+coco--love the "grill" reference, heehee!

  3. Passed out pugs, a very common sight to be seen.