Friday, March 2, 2012

Winter is back

Well, Spring has sprung right back out the back door, and Wet Winter has blown in the window.  What's a puglet to do without a sunny spot in the fresh outdoors in which to repose?

silly mama. why worry? there r so many spots indoors. 

So foolish.  Of course the puglets are perfectly capable of fending for themselves.  The sofa, as Cleo demonstrates above, next to the sunny window, is a great subsitute for the plush lawn of the outdoors.  

Deedee, below, will demonstrate that a pug does not even need to be conscious in order to be aware of being outdoors or in.

her paws are just waiting to be trussed up in a bundle

Sasha is the only pug that remains vigilant.  Years of experience have taught her to be no dummy. A pug must always watch for the next sneak shnergle.

mama i see u. stay right where u r.


  1. the sunshine does wonders for those shiny black coats of theirs!

  2. Oh no! Spring snuck away! What can we do? Sun spots are needed! Right!
    Every puggy needs sunshine!

  3. Sasha, you are still on top of things I see. There should be some type of pug alarm system for snergle alerts. They always get you right on the kisser in the middle of a good dream. Enjoy the nice, indoor sun spots. Those are the best!