Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Good news and Bad news

Sasha went to see the specialist vet, and they did some bloodwork.  The good news is that her blood count is holding steady, and not dropping.  

The bad news is that her kidneys are failing, which explains why she's been acting so punky.  It also looks like she's got an infection somewhere in that little pug body of hers.  She's going to need some round-the-clock fluids, medicine and care, so we admitted her into the hospital.  It was one of the harder things I had to do -- leave my dying pug in the arms of a stranger in the hope they can work some magic.

Sasha will be in the doggie hospital for at least 3-5 days.  We'll know better in the next 24-48 hours how she's responding to treatment.  Hopefully the bleeding will stop, and her kidneys can get to healing. 


  1. Aw, poor baby girl! I'll be praying for you all! You get healthy now, little one! *hugs* to you! I know how hard this is, and I'll be thinking of you!

  2. I know you are so afraid to leave Sasha at the hospital- but she is in the best place so her boo boo's can get fixed. The doctors care about Sasha too, and I know they are trying their hardest to fix her.
    I keep sending her love , and I know she can feel it. She knows how much you love her.
    You are the bestest mom ever.

  3. Is there anyway we can get your address so we can mail "get well" card for Sasha.. it is not fun, but this is the best option you have.
    Healing juju coming at you big time !

  4. You are doing the right thing for her, though it is gut wrenching. Gah...why can't they live as long as we do?? You guys are in our thoughts for sure.