Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Not sure what to think

I've been spending a lot of time at home.  The puglets aren't used to such disruption in their typical 20 hour daytime naps.  Because they run to follow me every time I enter the kitchen, in the hopes that I'm getting something to eat and will share.  And it may very well be that I go into the kitchen a lot, so there, and I'm not ashamed of it. 

always on the alert, my little saber-toothed Cleo

Sasha has been particularly lethargic for the past day or two.  her appetite is very un-pug like, she's back to breathing like she's just run a race, and her heart is going a mile a minute.  Not sure if it's a side effect of one of the severals meds she's on, or if there's something else that's gone horribly wrong inside her little body.  Because I think her anemia is resolving, as she seems even pinker than ever:

The worst part is that I can see she's in so much pain.  We had to stop her arthritis med because it can contribute to internal  bleeding, and I can tell that it costs her so much even to do something as simple as bend her head down to drink water.

oh Sasha, don't you know that with your health is inextricably linked my happiness


  1. Gosh.....It makes us so sad to hear this. Come on Sasha, you gotta get better!!!! Pretty please with kibble on top. That is odd that the anemia is better but something else is going on. Will you go back to the dogtor?? Poor puglet and poor Mama. It is tough cookies not knowing what is happening with our babies.


  2. Sasha
    I am sending so much love to you- all of your friends are. I know you don't feels good- oh I know it.
    I am sending prayers for you to rest and get better.

  3. oh sasha, we are all rooting for you. feel better soon poobah.

  4. " oh Sasha, don't you know that with your health is inextricably linked my happiness" TRUE Statement ! Get better please!!!!