Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sasha is pinking up

At one point, Sasha was so anemic that her gums and lips were snow-white.  Thank goodness her system is making more blood cells, little by little, and her gums no longer have that terrible bloodless look.

Lacking a sophisticated home-lab in which to monitor Sasha's daily blood levels, I've been employing the ghetto blood-level check technique -- flipping up her lip to take a look at the color.  I like to convince myself that it's pinker than it was 2 hours ago.

sasha is a patient pug

Turns out that I was not that far off with my sophisticated monitoring method.  Sasha had a followup vet appointment today, and her PCV (packed cell volume) is 31!  This is compared with last week, when it was 21. 

She's still under strict supervision.  She apparently managed to lose half a pound in a week, so the lucky pug gets more meals.  She doesn't seem to mind the extra attention, since she's been ridiculously clingy lately, not allowing me to leave her sight.

mama don't leave me


  1. Sashy is looking good to me!

  2. i think it's definitely more blushy pink than before. so glad she is on the mend, and that she gets to pork up.

  3. Oh yes, operation velcro pug has commenced. Can't blame her. I do agree that there is more color in her gums. I'v said it once and I'll say it again - A Mother KNOWS her pug. A good vet trusts your instincts. Give Sasha some get well sugars from us.