Monday, September 10, 2012

Sasha update

Sasha's anemia continues to improve.  However, with her last blood draw, the vet thought it looked like she had an ongoing infection, despite the antibiotics that she's been taking. So just to make sure we weren't missing an intra-abdominal source of infection, Sasha had an ultrasound.

poor pug had her belly shaved for the ultrasound

The ultrasound came back clean -- no areas of infection, and no tumors.  Such a relief.  But she weighed in at half a pound less than last week -- quel horror!  She needs calories, stat!

In the meantime, we're just watching and waiting.  Sasha now gets a ridiculous amount of medication at mealtime, which she of course hates and tries to spit out.  Ungrateful pug.  She's also continuing to be really weird about what she will and will not eat.  We think her tastebuds are being affected by all the meds she's taking.

i need u to guess at what i'm thinking for lunch

Cleo and Deedee continue to respect the elder pug's space.  They seem to recognize that she's not as sturdy as she was.

we are certainly happy to eat whatever sasha won't eat, mama


  1. Aw, poor girl. I know all about medicines messing up taste buds! When you're sick, sometimes all you want to do is eat to get rid of the "medicine mouth" but then you can't taste half of what you eat because of it. No fair!

  2. Sasha, you are working the Brazilian wax. I say rock the look with confidence. Very relieved to hear there was no infection but dang, you are really getting us worried not eating. I'm ordering a nice yogurt-peanut butter frozen Kong every four hours, plus cheese with every medication, and chicken with every meal. Good job to Deedee and Cleo for good sister behavior.

    Much love to our temporarily ailing pug pal,

  3. Gee your trying your best to feel good- now the meddys are messing with your taste!
    I send you lots of love and healing

  4. Oh, please Sasha, please eat and get better. Glad to hear your ultrasound came back clean though. Sending more positive healing juju to you.