Friday, October 27, 2006

Cleo's photo-op

Poor Cleopatra isn't getting her share of media time.

This is the face I see the most often. Her 'pleasepickmeuppickmeuppickmeupPLEEEEEEEZ' look.

And there's the sleepy look. This is probably what she looks like 99.999999% of the day, but I'm just not there to witness it.

Then, there's the Classic Cleo look. The one that Dave likes to imitate when he wants to cheer me up or give me a free giggle.


  1. Cleo has such a vibrand expressions all the time. She is like a little rubber ball. She is cute. She should gets a lot of love.

  2. that dog has a problem. but cutie nonetheless!

  3. and thus the concept of doggy orthodontia was born.