Thursday, October 19, 2006

Emperor's New Clothes

I went to one of my favorite dog boutiques in NYC with Mina -- DoggyStyle in Greenwich Village, They may remember me from the last time I was there and made off with half of their merchandise. I love it because it's geared towards little dogs, they have excellent quality stuff (hand knit cashmere!), and the staff are amazingly friendly. They were having a sale. I got a little velvet choker for Cleo (for those days when she wants to be pretty), and these velour matching puff sweatshirts for both the girls. The sweatshirts ride up on their pudgy bellies so that they pouf out like little 80s queens. They look so glam -- little do they know that most of the time, they're naked.


  1. They look so pretty. They don't seem know what they have!

  2. i thought the sweatshirts were going to be too big. look how turgid sasha is! do you think we could get pictures where they don't look like they're possessed?