Wednesday, November 1, 2006


We don't get any trick-or-treating children to our new house. I kind of miss the whole routine, so I went out and bought a big Costco bag of candy (just in case), and I dressed up the pugs. And took them for a nice, long walk through town. The girls got a lot of attention, and a few outright guffaws.

The laughs were demoralizing for Sasha.

Cleo got into the spirit of the holiday and put on her freaky glowing scary eyeballs.

She was scaring all the children, so then she tried to be innocent and look away.

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  1. our little cuties! i'm so glad they were paraded around town for everyone to see them in their halloween glory. sasha is probably just grumpy because once again, for another year in a row, she does not get dressed in puggy prada.